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Since our location’s start in 1996, Briggs Electric, Inc. has grown to be one of Northern Nevada’s largest electrical contractors. We take pride in doing what is right and necessary to ensure the project is a positive experience for all involved.


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Carson City, NV 89706

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The experts at Briggs Electric, serving the Reno area, know the challenges our commercial electrical contractor clients face with electrical installation. Our electrical engineers, electricians, and staff are dedicated to customer satisfaction, quality, and safety. Both large and small projects require a commercial electrical contractor with the experience and knowledge to do the job right while making the needs of the business a priority. We are licensed and insured in many states.

Greg Dye Briggs

Greg Dye

General Manager
Dave Legarza Briggs

Dave Legarza

Director of Business Development
Jonathan Anderson briggs

Jonathan Anderson

Director of Operations
Gled Bautista Briggs

Gled Bautista

Safety Director
Adam Johnson Briggs

Adam Johnson

Director of Finances
Thomas Bunker Briggs

Thomas Bunker

Purchasing Manager
Scott Frybarger Briggs

Scott Frybarger

Service Manager
Arlo Hanski Briggs

Arlo Hanski

Systems Manager
Jay McRae Briggs

Jay McRae

Preconstruction Manager
Travis Olson Briggs

Travis Olson

VDC/BIM Manager
Jason Thompson Briggs

Jason Thompson

Project Manager
Rick Coyne Briggs

Richard Coyne

Project Manager
Jim Cerny Briggs

Jim Cerny

Project Manager
Corey Fox Mudge Briggs

Corey Fox-Mudge

Project Manager – Solar
Nate Foley Briggs

Nate Foley

Field Superintendent
Ariana Beserra Briggs

Ariana Beserra

Office Manager

Specialty Services

Briggs Electric’s service professionals provide you with the service and expertise needed in today’s competitive market. We take great satisfaction in servicing and maintaining your electrical systems and are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Are you seeking a professional team of electricians who can provide a variety of electrical services? If this is the case, Briggs Electric’s industry-leading service technicians are right for you.

– Residential
– Commercial
– Industrial
– Remodeling
– Emergency

– Facility Maintenance
– Panel Upgrades
– Troubleshooting
– Electrical Safety Inspections
– Backup & Standby Power Systems


New and existing commercial installations for larger consumption needs with options including:

– Rooftop Solar
– Ground Mount Systems

– Tracking Arrays
– Carport Canopies

The service professionals at Briggs Electric ensure that your planned ROI does not dwindle because your system isn’t operating at full value. Our annual service plan makes it easy to keep your sustainable energy systems running as efficiently and safely as they were intended to.

We offer:
– Routine Visual & Physical System Performance Checks
– Infrared Scans
– Maximum Power Point Curve Traces
– Electrical Checks to Find Any Faults and Functional Inspection for Power Efficiency.


New Residential & Residential Existing

We will custom design, install, and maintain your home’s electrical system. Our team of skilled personnel will keep your solar system producing at its peak by using the best available equipment and providing regular annual service. At Briggs Electric we include a service plan, not simply a warranty, to ensure that your new sustainable energy system works properly and efficiently regularly.

Our Service Plan Includes:
– Visual Inspections of the System for Damage
– Functional Inspections of the System to Ensure Expected Power
– I.R. Scans of Panels and Equipment to Ensure It Is Operating as Designed
– Electrical Checks to Find Any Faults
– Reliable Warranty Service
– Assistance with Anything That May Decrease Output


Batteries are quickly becoming the most talked-about feature of renewable energy systems. From simple DC solar generators able to run lights and refrigeration to Whole Home Solar Battery Backup (Self Powered Homes), to complex off-grid multi-backup microgrids – we have done it all.

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