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At Briggs Electric, we place teamwork, integrity, and excellence at the heart of what we do. By living out our core values, we have created a culture of shared success with our employees and our clients. Our team comprises self-starters and highly skilled individuals who build confidence out of complexity. Most of our staff have been with us for 15 years or more. Our values are reflected in our people; without them, we would not be – powered by experience.


At Briggs Electric, our office and field personnel are well-trained in safety procedures before any job starts. Training is a requirement for all management, supervisory, and field employees. In addition, all field personnel has been through the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training. This program works directly with The Electrical Training ALLIANCE to meet the standards of today’s industries. In this program, field personnel will receive skill training on the job; it focuses on various safety training lessons to give apprentices knowledge of the industry safety standards. In addition, each apprentice is provided with trade-related classroom training that produces competency and pride, leading to true craftsmanship.

Besides our regular training program, including weekly safety meetings and foreman meetings, we adapt to job-specific training to provide employees with the knowledge to ensure everyone goes home safely. In addition, our programs are always up to date with regulatory agencies such as Federal OSHA, California OSHA, and MSHA. We also utilize third-party compliance to meet updates so that our policies are up to code.

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Safety Programs

“Welcome to Briggs Electric, where we take safety to the highest priority. We are determined in our operations with safety as the fuel to our excellence.” – Gled Bautista, Safety Director.

Establishing our safety culture on every job is our top priority. By applying for our safety program and using direct communication with all, we reduce all levels of risk and fit our team with the tools they need to succeed and go home safely. At Briggs Electric, we recognize that safety is a value to all personnel, and we are committed to maintaining that at a high level.

We audit our jobs weekly to provide corrective actions if a hazard is present or an observed risk could occur. Throughout the audit, we utilize the Hierarchy of Controls, and if personal protective equipment is the only solution, we attain the best equipment for our employees.

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Active Employees With Over 25 Years at Briggs

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